Virtual Film Festival Proposal

Briefing Note

Virtual Film Festival Test Page (password protected)
  1. To raise Canadian awareness of and appreciation for the Canadian Armed Forces both currently and historically. This will lead to better support for the CAF and Veterans today.
  2. To cultivate a following and sponsorship for the eventual launch of a real time Canadian Military Film Festival. A volunteer team of Veterans or an affiliated charity are in no position to take on the running of a real time film festival but any affiliated charity should remain associated with and receive a portion of the net as a donation from a real time Canadian Military Film Festival.
  3. To raise funds on an incremental basis for the associated charity.
  4. To raise awareness of the mission and good works track record of Cascadia For Veterans and an associated charity.


  1. Solicit relevant films (at the outset these would be pre-existing films and we have at least eight already)
  2. Sign-up fee-paying subscribers. (Venues like Legions, military museums, schools etc. If we keep initial subscriptions affordable and perhaps on a scale with schools at the lowest fee)
  3. Set up a password access web page for uploading donated films as MP4s. (this web page password would be changed at the end of the festival and a new one issued for subsequent Virtual Film Festivals) Password available on request.
  4. Reach out to the Canadian film and television industry including film schools to encourage support and participation.
  5. Reach out to potential partners and sponsors such as the Canadian War Museum, Telus, CBC, Rogers etc.
  6. Research Federal funding and support (Heritage Canada, VAC, NFB)
  7. Plan a Virtual Film Festival Military Style Gala – with appropriate venue – for the finale of a week-long screening of the selected films. Ticket sales would offset the venue expense.

Real Time Canadian Military Film Festival

  1. Would be similar to the American GI Film Festival
  2. The lead on the film festival would shift to an organization like the Canadian War Museum with an affiliated charity as an honourary partner.
  3. The eventual lead could maintain the Virtual aspect of the Military Film Festival enabling satellite venue subscriber participation. A nominal share of subscriber revenues could be shared with the affiliated charity.
  4. It would take time for Canadian filmmakers to develop new material so for the first few years pre-existing content would be welcome.
  5. Its recommended that a Canadian Military Film Festival be a Biennial event.


Establishing a Virtual Canadian Military Film Festival could be accomplished at very little cost. The only expense, beyond the venue for a film festival Gala would be the upgrading of the Cascadia For Veterans web site ($403) or the establishment of a stand alone web site devoted to the project. Filmmakers are always keen to have an opportunity to air their work and are even willing to pay for the opportunity once the project transitions to a real time film festival. Everything else can be accomplished by volunteers.

Immediate revenues would come from subscriber fees and the sale of Gala tickets. The exposure such an annual event would bring to affiliated charities would increase donations and fund-raising project opportunities.

Interested Film Makers and Students of Film Making contact

The GI Film (GIFF) Festival

Submission Fees:

OCTOBER 11, 2022: Early Bird Deadline ($35 fee, Students $25, Film Freeway Gold members $31)

NOVEMBER 11, 2022 (USMC Birthday): Regular Deadline ($45 fee, Students $25, FilmFreeway Gold members $40)

DECEMBER 1, 2022: Late Deadline ($55 fee, Students $25,   Gold members $49)

GIFF 2022 Films

Ticket Pricing

An in-person All Access Pass is available now for $125. 

The All Access VOD Rental is also available for $75.

GIFF also makes the films available for online viewing. We could do the same.

All films shown at the in-person screenings will also be available as a video on demand rental (VOD), beginning the day after their festival debut through Memorial Day, May 30, 2022. This virtual option gives festival fans who are not able to attend the screenings in-person the flexibility to participate and enjoy the films however they choose within the rental window.

When the online box office opens, attendees will have the option to reserve a film or film block for VOD or secure a ticket for the in-person screening. Tickets for most in-person screenings start at $10 each or $8 for military, veterans and KPBS members. VOD rentals will be $10 each. Guests attending in-person screenings will be asked to observe and follow COVID-19 policies.

Virtual Film Festival Test Page Link (Password protected)