Projects in Development

Proposed Virtual Canadian Military Film Festival


  1. To raise Canadian awareness of and appreciation for the Canadian Armed Forces both currently and historically. This will lead to better support for the CAF and Veterans today.
  2. To cultivate a following and sponsorship for the eventual launch of a real time Canadian Military Film Festival. The OStG is in no position to take on the running of a real time film festival but should remain associated with and receive a portion of the net as a donation from a real time Canadian Military Film Festival.
  3. To raise funds on an incremental basis for the OStG Foundation.
  4. To raise awareness of the mission and good works track record of the OStG.

Proposed Annual Canadian Military Film Festival 
A proposal for the development and maintenance by Cascadia Priory and the Order of St George of an Annual Canadian Military Film Festival similar to the GI Film Festival, held in Washington DC every year since 2007, and the International Military Film Festival held annually in Poland since 2009.

Equine Trauma Therapy for Veterans A UBC study for the use of Horses in reducing trauma related to PTSD.