Vimy Ridge Commemoration Parade

08 April 2023

By Capt (ret) the Reverend Chevalier Gord Barrett OSG

(Capt (ret) the Reverend Chevalier Gord Barrett OSG) was in charge of 2472 15th Field Artillery RCACC, and (Lt Col (ret) Chevalier Jim Barrett CD, OSG) was the Master of Ceremony. 

The parade was the first post-Covid-19 Cadet parade and the cadets, the CIC Officers of all units, and supporters did a wonderful job of ensuring that the parade went off without a hitch.  The British Columbia Regiment Brass Band and the Pipe Major from the Seaforth Highlanders were exceptional in the teeth of classic inclement army weather, with a torrential downpour lasting until the end of the parade when it turned to light rain.  It was very appropriate and fitting for this sombre occasion.

The Order of St George is a staunch supporter of the Canadian Cadet Movement and, while being well represented at today’s Vimy Parade, it should take both pride in the cadets we support and inspiration from the good works that our youth are setting for future generations.

Credit for pictures from today’s Vimy Ridge Commemoration parade:
Capt (ret) the Reverend Chevalier Gord Barrett OSG

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