British Columbia Regiment Battalion Parade 2022

The gathered BCR Cadets, Officers, and Veterans at the 29th Battalion cairn after the parade

By Chevalier Gordon Barrett

On 24 Sept 2022 Chevalier Gordon Barrett was the padre for the BCR Perpetrated Battalion Parade of the Regimental Family. Participants included veterans, serving members, cadets, and supporters of the Regiment.

The assembly gathered in front of the Pacific Coliseum at the 29th Battalion Cairn which marks the location of the assembly point of soldiers preparing to depart Vancouver for Europe and WWI. The purpose was to conduct a ceremonial parade, commemorating the service and sacrifice of the members of the 7th (1st British Columbia) Battalion, CEF, 29th (Vancouver) Battalion, CEF and 102nd (North British Columbia) Battalion, CEF. This is a ceremony that has been perpetuated by The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own, since World War I.

It was an extremely successful day with over 100 BCR cadets attending.

29th Battalion Cairn located at the Northwest corner of the Rollerland Building across from the Pacific Coliseum at the PNE in Vancouver, B.C
BC Regiment Cadet Corps on Parade in the “Hollow Square”
LCol (ret) Chevalier Jim Barrett CD, the Parade Commander, taking the salute from the senior cadet
LCol (ret) Chevalier Jim Barrett CD, and Major (ret) Malcom G paying homage to the BCR Veterans of WWI
Capt (ret) the Reverend Chevalier Gord Barrett preaching the sermon
BCR Senior Cadets, Serving Officers & Members, and Veterans after the Perpetuated Battalion Parade

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