Order of St. George Priory Communication


Dear Knights and Dames of the Order of St. George,

As was mentioned in a July communiqué, your Board of Directors (BoD) is committed to moving forward with steady and meaningful strides to promote the Order’s purpose, to enhance communications within the Order and to effect structural or organizational changes in the Order that are deemed to be required.

On 1 September 2020, the BoD approved that Grand Prior would replace the title Grand Master. This is in keeping with other chivalric orders and reflects the noble purpose, ideals and inclusivity of our Order, as well as societal changes by eliminating the term Master. In addition to that, the term Commandery is being replaced by Priory, again, commonly used by other like-minded orders. Therefore, for example, the current Commander of Atlantic Commandery will be known as the Prior of Atlantic Priory.

Further to the above, the BoD has appointed Chevalier Charles Hill, KGCStG, Past President and former Grand Master pro tem, as the new Grand Prior for a two-year term. Although he will be an ex-officio member of the BoD, his role will be of a ceremonial nature, conducting investitures, approving promotions within the Order as well as promoting the Order within society.

Your Board considers these significant organizational changes to be just the start in developing a more streamlined and effective governance structure. In fact, a proposal to re-align the make-up of the board itself will be tabled at the Annual General Meeting. Owing to the public health restrictions, the AGM will be held by video conference on Friday October 2nd, 2020 at 4:00 pm EDT. Formal Notice and Proxy together with details on how to register will be sent out very shortly.

Yours sincerely, in the service of St. George,
The Board of Directors


Copyright © 2019 The Order of St. George, All rights reserved.



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