Notice of Virtual Investiture – October 2020

Dear Knights and Dames of the Order of St. George,

As you are doubtless well aware, it is not possible for the Order to hold an in-person Investiture this year. Both the Vancouver Investiture planned for April 2020 and the Toronto Investiture planned for October 2020 had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. However, we have 49 Postulants this year, and rather than have them wait until next year or beyond, we have decided to split their Investiture into two steps as follows:

First Step: The Postulants will receive their Order Pin and Miniature Medal by mail and then will be welcomed into the Order and fully vested as members during the Virtual Ceremony to be held by Video Conference on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 at 12:00 o’clock pm Eastern Daylight Time. This will entitle them to the use of the post nominals (DStG or KStG) and to participate as voting members in the 2020 Annual General meeting which will be held the day before. The Order of Service will be led by our Grand Prior, Chevalier Charles Hill KGCStG, and is planned to include:

  • Welcome and Introduction by the Patron, General (Ret’d) Rick Hillier
  • Address and Blessing by the Dean, Major-General Guy Chapdelaine
  • Presentation of the Postulants
  • Saying of the Declaration & the Oath by the Postulants
  • The Renewal of Vows by the Members

Second Step: Once the pandemic restrictions are lifted to the point that we are able to gather socially without risk, the Order of St. George will conduct the formal Cloaking, Dubbing and Spurring Ceremony for the 2020 Postulants with presentation of the Fighting Habit, Insignia (Neck or Bow Order), Certificate and Challenge Coin. Dates and locations will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Investiture is a key moment in the life of the Order and for the Postulants. For the first time, the entire membership will be able to witness this signature event by video conference, and while we would much prefer to be able to meet in person, we are grateful that we have a way to share the Postulants’ First Step with the entire membership this year.

Registration Required: Please Register as either a
Postulant or as a Member on the website by September 15th, 2020
to attend the Investiture First Step virtual ceremony:






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